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Eight solidi from a scattered hoard: three of Theodosius II struck at Constantinople - two in AD 430-440 (RIC 257) and one in AD 441-450 (RIC 292), Ostrogothic (?) imitation of a solidus of Valentinian III, one of Leo I struck at Constantinople in AD 462 or 466 (RIC 605), two of Zeno struck at Constantinople in AD 474-475 (RIC 911) and one of Anastasius I also struck at Constantinople in AD 491-518 (DOC 3g or 7h).

The scattered hoard of at least 30 solidi had been being found during work in a field for several decades since 1864 (two solidi were found in 1893). Eighteen coins were supposedly melted down, about fifteen coins were transferred to the museum in Szczecin and ten – to private collections. The oldest recorded coin was solidus of Honorius struck at Milan in AD 395-423, the youngest – Barbarian imitation of solidus of Anastasius I dated probably to the beginning of the 6th century AD. The hoard also contained: four solidi of Theodosius II, two of Marcian, three of Leo I, two of Zeno, eight of Anastasius I, one imitation of solidus of Honorius and probably one Ostrogothic imitation of Valentinian III.


the first half of the 6th century AD

Museum collection:

the National Museum in Szczecin

by A. Bursche

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mns uw

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