barbarzynskie tsunami glowny
01 eksponaty
01 mapa

1 - an iron sword of spatha type with a cross-guard and a partly preserved hilt tang; 

2 – an amber pendant with a gold-framed almandine;
3 – two sword sheath fittings made of gold sheet decorated with punched ornamentation in Untersiebenbrunn style;
4 – part of chape of Gundremmingen type made of silver and bronze;
5 – two gold fittings set with almandines in Polychrome style;
6 – 11 thin gold decorated sheets which are plates of a symbolic reflex bow;
7 – an iron bit terminal with silver rings and gilded silver strap hooks decorated with stamped ornament;
8 – two bridle strap separators made of silver with gilded terminals and bronze plates;
9 – a gilded silver pendant decorated with niello and stamped ornament;
10–12 – three gold buckles with plates set with almandines;
13–16 – four silver buckles, including three gilded and decorated with stamped ornament on plates;
17 – a silver ring with a plate;
18 – a gilded silver strap-end decorated with niello and stamped ornament;
19 – two gold strap-ends set with almandines;
20 – two crescent-shaped bronze fittings (one damaged) covered with gold plaque and set with almandines;
21 – a triangular gold plaque; 22 – an iron knife.
The weight of the survived gold objects is ca. 150 g, and silver – ca. 243 g.

In 1911 a burial of a man and a horse with numerous gold objects was accidentally discovered while extracting sand. There is no information on how the skeletons were positioned. Some of the excavated objects were split between the finders. Majority of the items had been smuggled across the then Russian-Austrian border to Kraków where they were purchased by the State Museum. They have been in the collection of the Archaeological Museum in Kraków since 1938.

The find is interpreted as a Hunnic assemblage discovered in the area of the Przeworsk Culture or as a grave inventory of a local aristocrat who was presumably a local authority on behalf of the Hunnic Empire with its centre in the Hungarian Plain.


AD 380/400 – 440/450 (before 434 according to K. Godłowski)

Museum collection:

the Archaeological Museum in Kraków

by T. Wichman

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