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A bronze cauldron in the shape of an inverted slender bell on a small foot, with two grand rectangular handles. On the outer surface of the vessel there are visible casting seams indicating the technique of execution. The artefact was identified as a central Asian cauldron associated with the Hunnic culture.

A chance find made when ploughing. During the archaeological excavation the following artefacts were also revealed: a gold diadem (reused as a belt ornament), gold belt fittings decorated with garnets and enamel, two belt buckles made of gilded iron and a bronze bowl. In 1831 the owner of the estate, major von Reibnitz, gave some of the artefacts to the king of Prussia, Frederick William III, as a gift who then donated the objects to the Museum of Antiquities in Berlin. The copy from the Wrocław Museum of Archaeology collection was made in 1927 at the request of the Silesian Museum of Antiquities and Handicraft which functioned in 1899-1945. The original objects are currently stored in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

All these finds are interpreted as a richly furnished inhumation grave of presumably a man as suggested by the use of a cut diadem (a female accessory) as belt ornaments. The burial could have been of a sacrificial character.
The grave from Jędrzychowice, just like the necklace from Wrocław-Rędzin, should be regarded as proof of the Hunnic groups entering the southern area of the Przeworsk Culture.


the first half of the 5th century AD

Museum collection:

the Museum of Archaeology, branch of the City Museum of Wrocław

by P. Madera

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