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A hoard of about 240 denarii (of which 160 survived) in a pottery vessel, dated to phases C3-D. The body of the vessel is decorated with two carved lines above the shoulder. The oldest coin is dated to AD 69-71, the youngest to AD 193-211. The hoard contained the following denarii: nine of Vespasian (including one for Titus and one for Domitian), three of Titus, eight of Trajan, 17 of Hadrian (including one for Aurelius Caesar), 61 of Antoninus Pius (17 for Faustina I, four for Faustina II, 12 for Marcus Aurelius), 32 of Marcus Aurelius (including seven for Faustina II, two for Antoninus Pius, four for Lucius Verus, four for Lucilla and one for Commodus), 28 of Commodus (including two for Crispina) and two of Septimius Severus (including one for Julia Domna). Fourteen coins are missing: one of Hadrian, seven of Antoninus Pius (including four for Faustina I) and six of Marcus Aurelius. Some of the coins held in the museum in Resko and in private collections are also missing, as are two denarii of Antoninus Pius from the evacuated Szczecin collection.

The set of coins had left the Roman Empire during the reign of Septimius Severus and was deposited about two hundred years later.

Found in a field in 1924.


after the mid-4th century AD

Museum collection:

the National Museum in Szczecin

by A. Bursche

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mns uw

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