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A hoard of 76 folles (silver-plated bronze coins) of Constantine I. The oldest coin is dated to AD 313-315, the youngest to AD 328-329. The majority of the coins were struck at mints in Trier, Arles and Lugdunum. Only part of the hoard survived as 26 coins in the collection housed in a gymnasium in Pyrzyce went missing during the war. Presumably the rest of the coins were in the possession of private owners. A total of 50 folles survived, including 23 of Constantine I, one of Licinius I, one of Licinius II; the remaining 25 coins were also struck during Constantine the Great’s reign, including: three for Crispus, 12 for Constantine II, eight for Helena, two for Constantius II. The occurrence of quite a number of rare folles struck for Helena in the hoard is very unique. The coins from the deposit left the western provinces of the Empire (presumably Rhineland) in the late 330s.

A chance discovery in the early 1900s, before 1920.


after AD 328/329

Museum collection:

the National Museum in Szczecin

by A. Bursche

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mns uw

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