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A buckle, type Strzegocice-Tiszaladány-Kerč (type AH43 of Madyda-Legutko), destroyed, with an oval frame, a profiled prong, a double buckle plate with five rivets (two rivets were reused – possible traces of repair). The outer plate is decorated with cut and stamped ornament.

Belt buckles of Strzegocice-Tiszaladány-Kerč type appear in the vast area of Europe. They were especially popular in the Middle Danube and the northern Black Sea region. Presumably their presence in the southern Poland is the effect of influence of the former centre.

Found probably in the early 1900s during the investigation of the area of the modern cemetery (or its vicinity) between today’s Lipowa and Raabe Streets. Presumably the buckle was part of the inventory of the destroyed inhumation burial. It was passed to the Erazm Majewski Archaeological Museum in Warsaw by Kozłowski in 1908. The vessels from the grave inventory are housed in the Lublin Museum.


the 4th/5th centuries and the first half of the 5th century AD

Museum collection:

the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw

by J. Andrzejowski

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mns uw

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