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A solid strap-end in the shape of a beak. It corresponds to type VI.11 of R. Madyda-Legutko. A strap plate has four rivets and is decorated with carved lines. There is a delicate, partly blurred, carved ornament of “wolf’s teeth” along the edge and on both sides to the central part of the strap-end.

The beak-shaped strap-ends occur in the Wielbark culture and in the area occupied by the Balts, both in male and female graves. One case has been recorded where strap-ends were used in horse trappings (a cemetery, site 3, in Sątoczno, Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship).

A chance discovery in 2001. The strap-end was found in a forest near Ulów, close to site 9, a settlement of the Wielbark culture


the second half of the 4th century and the first half of the 5th century AD

Museum collection:

the Regional Museum in Tomaszów Lubelski

by B. Niezabitowska-Wiśniewska

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mns uw

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