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Two brooches with a bow extending towards a head and a rectangular foot with a solid catchplate, made of three layers of metal sheet, with gilded foot and central part of the bow. They are decorated with grooves and stamped ornament of almond-shaped impressions, rings with a point and points. The catchplates and the bows are damaged. The bow of the bigger brooch could have been soldered in the manufacturer’s workshop.

A solid half-round buckle frame with a crack at the end of the bow which might have been be a result of a forming process.

An oblong ingot with traces of removing excess of the ore to obtain weight of about six Roman ounces and surface working using a hammer.

A chance discovery in 1880. During excavating slag for a mill in Chorzów a large bloomer pit enclosed in clay and stones was found together with a hoard of silver hidden in it. Originally the deposit could have been in a clay pot that was placed on a flat stone and covered with a layer of slag. The hoard included about 400 denarii from the 1st and 2nd century AD (33 denarii of Domitian to the beginning of Septimius Severus’s reign have been investigated as well as an imitation of denarius of Antoninus Pius), a silver ingot and some female dress accessories: two brooches, a buckle frame and a crescent-shaped pendant (lunula) with a fragment of a chain in the loop. Some finds were passed to the Poznań Society of Friends of Learning, the rest – to private owners. Only non-monetary items from the hoard have survived to this day, except for the lunula which went missing in the 19th century.

The deposit from Siedlików belongs to a group of hoards and richly furnished burials of the Barbarian elites, which contain ornaments and dress accessories that show affinity with Untersiebenbrunn horizon.


the first half of the 5th century AD

Museum collection:

the Poznań Archaeological Museum

by A. Gałęzowska, P. Silska

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mns uw

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