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A buckle from the Zagorzyn hoard, made of gilded silver, with a solid, half-round frame with a buckle plate decorated in the Untersiebenbrunn style. The central part of the buckle plate is decorated with a rosette excised ornament (Kerbschnitt), whereas a prong terminal with stylised ornament of an animal/a bird (eagle) head with stamped ornament (Stempelornamentik).

Objects similar to the buckles from Zagorzyn are often found in the Carpathian Basin, as well as in the Crimea. Isolated finds are known from other parts of Europe. J. Werner believed that they were a product of the Danube workshops continuing the provincial Roman tradition. According to J. Tejral they should be dated to the second quarter of the 5th century AD.

A chance find made around 1926/27 by the locals. The hoard which included, besides the aforementioned buckle, gold multiple, gold and silver coins and gold jewellery, got dispersed in unclear circumstances. Most of the objects were bought from the finders by various people and then sold to collectors, while the most valuable items were taken out of Poland or melted down.


the second quarter of the 5th century AD

Museum collection:

the Regional Museum in Kalisz

by S. Miłek

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mns uw

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