barbarzynskie tsunami glowny
33 eksponaty
33 mapa

1 – two almost identical gilded silver brooches of Groß Köris-Swilcza type with flat diamond-shaped feet, covered with geometric and excised ornament, profiled bows with five horizontal rows of beaded wire. The bows and the springs have hollow knob terminals;
2 – a silver brooch of Wiesbaden type, with a crossbow construction, a pointed foot decorated with carved lines on the edges;
3 – a silver brooch of Niemberg type, with a wide triangular bow decorated along the edges with a wavy line and hatching;
4 – two earrings of Hunnic type: one of gold and one of bronze, corroded;
5 – silver scraps in the form of: two fragments of bracelets with angular terminals, bent deliberately, two rings of silver wire are threaded onto one of them; five pendants of silver wire; seven fragments of pendants of silver wire;
6 – ten Roman denarii introduced by: Hadrian (1), Marcus Aurelius (3), Commodus (4, including two without marks), Faustina (1), Commodus or Antoninus Pius (1);
7 – a glass bead, type 31 of Tempelmann-Mączyńska. The hoard also included a flint flake, a fragment of bone with traces of working and two badly corroded fragments of an iron object.

The deposit is probably a “family hoard” hidden under the house in the face of a sudden danger, such as an attack on the settlement. In the area of the settlement two amber workshops were also discovered.

Found in 1976 during the archaeological excavation led by Aleksandra Gruszczyńska at the settlement (site 3) in an annex of a pit-hut (an amber workshop). Presumably it was deposited in a pouch made of leather or fabric.


the mid-5th century AD (dendrology dates: AD 433±10)

Museum collection:

the Regional Museum in Rzeszów

by J. Podgórska-Czopek

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mns uw

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